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Portfolio Collections Below


Uncomfy Comforts

Uncomfy Comforts finds comfort in the most unusual of places by seeking inspiration from old homes. Looking to the dysfunctional aspects of these homes, such as mice, spiders, jagged stones, peeling paint, and more, this collection welcomes these aspects of the home rather denying their existence. By doing so, this collection embraces the peculiar in a delicate way that encourages the viewer to think twice about these aspects of old homes. Viewers will see this collection as expressions of normal attributes in every home in a way that finds beauty in the mundane.

Dwelling En Plein Air

In a time of social distancing, the world around me had minimized from a vast landscape to my small apartment in Savannah, Georgia. No one can deny the drastic changes of the pandemic as we arrive to the hopeful light of returning to our normal lives. This resurgence will come with a new way of life, merging the original socialization of life with the comfort of living solely in our homes. For this collection, I wanted to focus on bringing nature indoors to my days spent in cozy pajamas, doing homework amongst my stuffed animals atop my bed. Like me, many are in a nature drought from only living inside. Even as the affects of the pandemic begins to pass, the insufficiency of one’s interaction with nature persists. Thus, I wanted to bring nature indoors through apparel. I believe that because of the pandemic, fashion trends will rely on comfortability and flexibility of clothes to be worn for multiple occasions. That said, I have designed this collection for Free People’s loungewear, with the intention to be a lively burst of nature suitable for every occasion. Fun prints to excite and energize the customer. Loungewear is no longer just for lounging and these prints are designed to encourage a versatile collection for the working woman, even if she stays in her “pajamas” all day.

Mood Board For Color Way 1-1.jpg
carnivorous plants pattern tessellation.jpg

The Unforeseen Oasis

Following William Morris’s influence in the structure and flow of his patterns, I created this collection to be used for interiors to fit within with the company he created. I chose to focus on carnivorous plants and mushrooms as I feel these are curious plants that have not been used in Morris’s patterns.

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