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Needle Felt

Needle felting involves tangling together fibers with a barbed needle. The repetitive process of repeatedly stabbing the fibers intertwines these fibers into a textile. By continuously layering different colors of roving, I am able to create images with wool. 

I like to call this technique "painting" with felt it is a unique application with felt that is not very common. The results appear as delicate or as bold as paintings with watercolors or pastels.

There is an open availability for custom needle felt artwork. Contact me for more info. 

Beauty in the Mundane

This is a collection consisting of four pieces looking at the unique aspects of ordinary things.

IMG-7086 (1).jpg

Master Copies

When learning Needle Felt techniques, I began by experimenting with Master Copies, which is to recreate classic paintings

Custom Artwork

This gallery showcase custom works that were completed for client commissions.

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