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Emma Wilson is a Textile Designer from Wilmington, NC. With a fine arts background, she uses her skills of painting, drawing, printmaking, and more to develop unique prints and patterns that are fitting for fashion and interior industries. Emma finds inspiration through expressing her emotions and experiences of daily life. She uses these to create motifs that will connect and engage her audience to evaluate their own lives deeper.

Now residing in Savannah, GA, Emma continues to embrace pattern design while also pursuing her passion for needle felting. After completing an internship with Liora Manne in the summer of 2021, Emma has taken her passions for needle felting from a patterns perspective and transformed the craft to a painting medium. She continues to develop this skill and has completed several needle felt commissions.

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Mission Statement

To create for my Creator and inspire joy in my community through handcrafted intricate works that express the individuality of the client and the craft.


To fabricate unique art that flourishes from an eternal perspective that fosters creativity, community, and cheerfulness.


To lift each other up and inspire an environment full of color and life.
To engage the community in a practice that educates and connects local artists
To source inspiration that impacts my viewers and encourages a new perspective

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